About Us

Worldschooling Central was created by Karen King. Aussie, Wife, Mum of 2, and Full-Time International House Sitter, Karen created Worldschooling Central in 2017, to help families share their experiences, learn from one another, connect with other worldschooling families and to create a true sense of community no matter where families are in the world!

In 2014, Karen and her family were living the “Aussie Dream”. They had a beautiful, newly built home, owned a small family business, her Husband Cameron was working offshore in a high paying job, and both kids were in school… life should have been incredible! But it wasn’t. Life was too serious. They agreed they weren’t having any fun. They were working too hard and were missing out on watching their children grow. There had to be more to life!

After discovering the phrase “Location Independence”, Karen and her Husband sold everything they owned and decided to travel the world full time!

The highlight for the whole family has been connecting with families all over the world – and now they’d love you to join them and travel through Indonesia.

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